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Workshop: Chinese Students Abroad

27-28 March, 2014. Reflections, Strategies and Impacts of a Global Generation

18.06.2013 | Gitte Grønning Munk

Dato tor 27 mar fre 28 mar
Tid 00:00    00:00
Sted Aarhus University

Higher education enrolment in The People’s Republic has quadrupled since the turn of the century. Educational migration has simultaneously undergone a rapid increase and Chinese nationals today make up the largest group of international students globally. It has become a crucial aspect of the generational destiny of young Chinese today that they are simultaneously facing seemingly limitless options for upwards mobility and an increasingly intense competition from gradually better educated peers. The generation of Chinese coming of age today is expected to be more ‘global’ than any of their precursors, but what are the consequences of this vast population movement for the individuals, families, local communities and countries involved? In this workshop, we explore the reflections, strategies and institutional arrangements that propel the decision to study abroad; the importance of the cultural encounters that take place in the foreign setting; as well as the overall impact of student migration on Chinese society.

The workshop is organised by Professor Stig Thøgersen and Postdoctoral Fellow Anders Sybrandt Hansen, Asian Studies, Aarhus University. 

Call for Paper 

Call for Paper deadline 1 November 2013

Keynote Speakers:                    

DAVID ZWEIG (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

VANESSA FONG (Amherst College)   


Workshop, Medarbejdere, Transnational Modernities
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