Brown bag seminar (staff only): Clearcutting Tree Spirits: Oil palms and an ‘other’ political ecology in Northeastern Ecuador

By Stine Krøijer, Assistant Professor, University of Copenhagen.

01.03.2018 | Jon Bendixen

Dato ons 07 mar
Tid 11:00 12:00
Sted Auditorium 1 (4206-117), Moesgaard Campus

In 2011 the Sieko-pai, who live along the Aguarico river in northeastern Ecuador, decided to clearcutting part of their forested territory to engage in palm oil production as subcontractors to a neighboring plantation company. As a consequence of the felling of primary forest, they were fined by the Ministry of Environment for violating the ‘rights of nature’; a set of rights ascribed to ecosystems, which the indigenous movement had pressed for and won the recognition of in the constitutional reform process a few years earlier. My paper explores the ontological being of trees, how they transform and become entangled in historical relations of extraction in Amazonia. Instead of conceptualizing trees as the passive backdrop for human political projects – as the scene of resource conflicts orchestrated by human actors with different interests and cultural views of forests – my paper points towards another political ecology where trees have political relations integrally implied.

CAS, Antropologi