Axes, spears, and swords: exploring bronze weapons and tools using metalwork wear-analysis

MCH Seminar with Dr. Rachel Crellin Leverhulme, Early Career Fellow, University of Leicester

21.02.2017 | Mia Korsbæk

Dato tor 30 mar
Tid 13:00 17:00



For many years studies of Bronze Age metalwork have focused on three main areas: typology, metallography and chemical analysis, and depositional practices. This has resulted in an excellent understanding of the typological sequence for many forms of material culture across Europe. It has also resulted in good understanding of the earlier and later parts of the so-called biography of bronze objects. What we have been missing is an understanding of the middle part, namely how these objects were used. Metalwork wear-analysis offers us the chance to explore the actual use-lives of bronze objects. In this talk I will discuss my current research on Early Bronze Age axes and my work as part of the Bronze Age Combat project (with Andrea Dolfini, Marion Uckelmann, Raphael Hermann and Quanyu Wang) to show the developing potential of metalwork wear- analysis.

Participation is free and all are welcome

Arkæologi, Materials, Culture and Heritage