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Thesis seminar: A crabby tale: The resilience and heterogeneity of supply-chains in the riverine borderlands of North Kalimantan

By Thomas Mikkelsen

12.09.2018 | Jon Bendixen

Dato tir 19 mar
Tid 10:00 12:00
Sted Auditorium 2 (4206-117), Moesgaard Campus

Organized along long running debt-based patronage systems and brokered by dynasties of Chinese middlemen, global supply-chains trading in farmed shrimp, crab and caught fish emanates from the harbor city of Tarakan, Indonesia. Successive waves of commodification in the border area have resulted in an amalgamation of open resource frontiers, and layers of district, province and state territorializations. I study the now long running debt relationships, harvesting practices and trade across the border with Malaysia combined with the industrialized logic of current international seafood industry and local politics in a corner of decentralized Indonesia.

Discussants: Nils Bubandt and Heather Swanson