Anthropologist winner of the Tokyo International Photography Competition

Anthropologist Christian Vium’s photographic research project ’The Wake’ has been chosen as winner of the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Photography Competition and Grant Winner in Lensculture Emerging Talents.

07.08.2015 | Ulrik Albert Vosgerau

Christian Vium

The Wake #01. Christian Vium. 2014.

The Wake #08. Christian Vium. 2014.

Christian Vium has photographed portraits, monuments and landscapes in Central Australia as a part of his Post-doc “Temporal Dialogues”.

In the series “The Wake” he recreates parts of Baldwin Spencer and Frank J. Gillen’s ground-breaking anthropological and photographic work from the end of the 19th century in close collaboration with indigenous Australians. This is the project that has now been selected as winner of the Grand Prix by the jury of the Tokyo International Photography Competition 2015 with the theme “The Human Condition”. Christian Vium will receive the Grand Prix at the opening of the exhibition in Tokyo in October.
The project has also been selected as a grant winner in the Lensculture Emerging Talents 2015 among submissions from 112 countries. Earlier this year the project was selected as part of FOAM Talents 2015.

“I believe strongly in the cross-fertilization between the arts and the social sciences, and with this research project, I am exploring new collaborative methods for producing qualitative knowledge and communicating this knowledge. The award is a fantastic platform for my project, and the international exhibitions give me the opportunity to reach a global audience,” says Christian Vium.

Christian Vium’s project is a part of the collective research project “Camera as Cultural Critique”. In connection to the selections, his project will be exhibited in Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Guatemala City, Landskrona, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo. He is currently editing the second installment of his Post-Doc project “Temporal Dialogues”, based on his recent fieldwork in the Brazilian Amazon.

Christian Vium
School of Culture and Society, Department of Anthropology
Web: AU-site / personal homepage
Telephone: 29 80 26 39

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