• ...seeking to understand the basic human conditions and their transformation in a world
  •  which becomes ever more complex and globalised


Anthropology is a humanities programme combining scientific traditions of humanities and social sciences. The programme takes a comparative perspective by seeking to understand, through studies of social and cultural relations, the basic human conditions and their transformation in a world which becomes ever more complex and globalised.

The research environment

The Aarhus researchers are committed to the anthropological tradition that combines empirical research based on detailed ethnographic fieldwork, both in Denmark and the rest of the world, with theoretical, historical and comparative analysis. Basic research encompasses all dimensions of the anthropological discipline: a broad engagement with cross-disciplinary theories about what it means to be human, detailed methodological work and reflections on the basic and changing conditions of fieldwork, thorough engagement with thematic and regional specialities, as well as continuing experimentation with anthropological forms of representation (in writing, museum display, audio-visual and through the internet).
Research interests include topics like: Democracy, bureaucracy, welfare, conflict and politics, human security, cognition, emotions and time, religion, morality and global modernity, design and innovation. The researchers in Anthropology have regional expertise in Africa, the Arctic region, Asia, Europe (primarily the North Atlantic region and Denmark), the Middle East,  Latin America, and the Pacific region.

Degree programmes

The Anthropology Programme offers Bachelor's  and Master's degree programmes in anthropology, a separate international programme in Human Security, a Master's degree programme in Anthropology of Health, and a number of elective subjects.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhonebuildingroom
Andersen, Lise
Andersen, Rikke SandAssociate 8716 79841260113
Eilenberg, MichaelAssociate 8716 21724236215
Bach, LarsAssistant 8716 29061483
Beek, Martijn vanAssociate 8716 21194236111
Bubandt, Nils OleProfessor with Special 8716 21164236120
Crawford, Peter IanAssociate 8716 2994
Dalsgård, Anne LineAssociate 8716 212142352.22
Daugbjerg, MadsAssociate 8716 212842352.34
Day, Kikutsubo Galathea Mikhailovna
Fibiger, Thomas BrandtAssistant 8716 21144235217
Folmann, 8716 284842352.24
Fusaroli, RiccardoAssistant
Gade, Christian B. N.Assistant 8716 32764236115
Gotfredsen, Katrine BendtsenPart-time
Gravers, MikaelAssociate 8716 21234236219
Grøn, 8716 28874235126
Hansen, Niels
Knudsen, Ida HarboePart-time
Harrisson, Annika PohlResearch 8716 28484265130
Høiris, OleSenior Associate 8716 20654236145
Pedersen, Susanne HøjlundAssociate 8716 21254236114
Jensen, Inge
Jensen, Janne BleegPart-time Lecturer+45 8716 32374236252
Jensen, Jeppe SindingAssociate 8716 24751451525
Johannsen, Niels NørkjærAssistant 8716 20784215218
Johansen, Mette-LouiseAssistant 8716 21734236243
Knudsen, Anne PlougmannStudent
Kotnis, SitaResearch
Louw, Maria 8716 206242352.26
McGraw, John 8109 66431453
Meinert, LotteProfessor with Special 8716 211842361.49
Mitkidis, PanagiotisAssistant
Mønster, DanAssistant 8716 4958262210
Nielsen, Andreas HøjlundResearch 8716 21491483
Nielsen, 8716 21654236220
Otto, 8716 291542360.45
Pedersen, PoulAssociate 8716 21124236116
Pelaudeix, CecileAssistant
Poulsen, NinaPart-time
Rasmussen, Anders EmilPart-time
Rodogno, RaffaeleAssociate 8716 22591467521
Roepstorff, AndreasProfessor with Special 8716 2124
Rytter, MikkelAssociate 8716 212642352.30
Schneidermann, NannaPart-time
Seeberg, 8716 21174236112
Selmer, BodilAssociate 8716 21154236113
Skewes, Joshua
Sloos, etage
Steenberg, 8716 214214833.etage
Suhr, ChristianAssistant
Swanson, Heather AnneAssistant 8716 211842361.49
Sørensen, JesperAssociate 8716 24411451527
Tejsner, PelleAssistant
Tsing, 8716 28894235136
Tørring, Marie LouiseAssistant 8716 79131261117
Vangkilde, Kasper TangAssistant 8716 281942352.28
Vestergaard, PerClinical Associate
Vohnsen, Nina HolmAssistant 8716 21134236211
Wallot, etage
Warner, CameronAssistant 8716 26674236216
Whyte, Michael AnthonyPart-time
Willerslev, 8715 36911630204
Wind, GitteAssistant 8716 20894236244
Ørberg, Elizabeth WilliamsPart-time
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