Asian Studies

  • Concerned with the history, culture and society of the Asian countries

Asian studies

The Asian Studies Programme is concerned with the history, culture and society of the Asian countries, primarily China, Japan and India/South Asia, with a focus on modern times. The academic staff represent different backgrounds, such as history, sociology, anthropology and cultural studies, but they all apply an area studies approach to their research. This means that a sound knowledge of the languages of the countries in question is essential in order to be able to understand the Asian perspectives on all the phenomena being investigated. It is the aim to understand these phenomena in their historical, cultural and social contexts.

Research environment

The researchers at Asian Studies are involved in networks with colleagues in Scandinavia and with environments in Europe, the United States and, not least, Asia. Many of the programme's research activities are based on fieldwork and archival work in collaboration with colleagues from Asian research institutions. In addition to strengths in the culture and society of the individual Asian countries, there is an increased focus on analyses of the interplay between the Asian countries and their relations to the rest of the world.

Degree programmes

The Asian Studies Programme offers Bachelor's degree programmes in Chinese, Japanese and South Asian studies and a Master's degree programme in Asian studies, where students specialise in one of the countries and its language, placing their work in a comparative context.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhonebuildingroom
Alshorbaji, Nidal 8716 24161467323
Brara, RitaVisiting
Corboz, ElvireAssistant 8716 28391467324
Fischer, GeorgAssistant 8716 23121465224
Hansen, Anders 8716 20821467322
Hansen, Annette SkovstedAssociate 8716 23031465320
Kumar, AnusuyaResearch 8716 21821465
Madsen, LarsPart-time
Moestrup, Elisabeth A.Teaching Associate 8716 24431467326
Nielsen, Hans Christian
O'Shea, PaulAssistant 8716 29641465323
Pardue, DerekAssistant 8716 26121465219
Pinto, Fernanda Glá 8716 26821465220
Platz, AnemoneAssociate 8716 23281465330
Riexinger, Martin ThomasAssociate 8716 24211467328
Schøber, HardyStudent
Sedgwick, MarkProfessor with Special 8716 26571467330
Sharma, 8716 24321465423
Skoda, UweAssociate 8716 23251465322
Song, XueyingResearch
Steen, AndreasAssociate 8716 23751465318
Thunø, MetteAssociate 2979 93301467322
Thøgersen, 8716 23321465324
Tomioka, 8716 27611465325
Wang Jingjing,
Würtz, Thomas1467325
Zhang, ChunTeaching Associate 8716 23041465326
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