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European Studies and International Studies

  • ... an interdisciplinary European and international/global perspective.


The key focus of European Studies and International Studies at Aarhus University is an interdisciplinary European and international/global perspective. European Studies combine historical, cultural, political and sociological perspectives in analysing Europe. International Studies utilise historical, legal, political, sociological and economic approaches to understand global issues and complexities, including a focus on project management. The fields each have roots in both the humanities and the social sciences. Such a multidisciplinary perspective provides continuous opportunity for innovation and for gaining deeper understanding of complex contexts in relation to research and teaching.

Research focus

The research profiles of European Studies and International Studies reflect the multidisciplinary approach. Among the academic staff are scholars with backgrounds in anthropology, history, political science and sociology, whose research competences span topics such as democracy, cultural politics of the EU, globalisation, identities, institutions, art, gender, legitimacy, media, minorities, politics and economics, transnational networks and organisations, educational research and pop culture.

A central resource of the versatile research environments is the multidisciplinary approach, which allows fruitful opportunities for national and international collaboration and for undertaking research activities – both at Aarhus University and in international collaborations – with colleagues from other fields.

Degree programmes

MA degree programmes are offered in both European Studies and International Studies. The programmes run over two years and comprise 120 ECTS credits. Students from more than 30 countries constitute an international study environment. The language of instruction is English. The aim of the programmes is to enhance the students' skills and competences to prepare them for future job opportunities in national and international institutions, organisations and companies. European Studies and International Studies are involved in local, national and international networks for higher education.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhonebuildingroom
Andersen, Astrid NonboResearch
Ciotti, ManuelaAssociate 8716 23761463626
Favell, 8716 22271463619
Fiig, ChristinaAssociate 8716 22191463628
Hansen, Morten Johannes WinstrupResearch 8716 23161463617
Knudsen, Ann-Christina LauringAssociate 8716 22341463621
Kølvraa, Christoffer LeidingAssociate 8716 23741463624
Leskien, 8716 22071463617
Pacheco Cueva, VladimirAssistant 8716 22171463622
Schulz-Forberg, HagenAssociate 8716 22321463625
Wilken, LisanneAssociate 8716 22351463630

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