• ... the development of humankind and society over time


The academic study of history is concerned with the development of humankind and society over time. Special emphasis is placed on social, economic, ideological, political and cultural conditions in the past, the relations between these factors and the changes they have undergone. The approach is interdisciplinary, drawing on theories and methodologies from the social sciences, the sciences of culture, and from the discipline itself.

Research environment

The researchers and PhD students in History at Aarhus University concern themselves with history in many forms, primarily political history, cultural history and social history. Research especially comprises the history of Denmark and Europe, from antiquity to the present day. Research projects are usually limited to specific historical periods and geographical regions, but characteristically the work traverses conventional chronological and geographical boundaries. Researchers participate in a variety of national and international research environments.

Degree programmes

Both Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in History are offered. The Bachelor’s degree programme includes survey courses in Danish and World History, historical methodology, the uses of history, and courses in various historical topics. The Master's degree programme is offered as three different tracks: a track for those aiming at upper-secondary school teaching, a cultural history track, and a track comprising global and international history. In addition, a number of elective subjects are offered at both Bachelor’s and Master's degree levels.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhonebuildingroom
Andersen, Kasper HoldgaardPart-time Lecturerihokha@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21941461430
Arnorsdottir, AgnesAssociate professorhisaa@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21831461425
Brimnes, NielsAssociate professorhisnb@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22151461526
Bugge, PeterAssociate professorpeter.bugge@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22421461630
Bysted, AnePart-time Lecturerhisanb@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22091461430
Bøgh, AndersAssociate professorhisab@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22161461426
Frandsen, Henrik MølgaardPostdochishmf@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21811463424
Frausing, MikaelPart-time Lecturerhismf@cas.au.dk1461621
Gram-Skjoldager, KarenAssociate professorhiskgs@cas.au.dk+45 8716 23061461528
Jørgensen, Claus MøllerAssociate professorhiscj@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22181461522
Kansteiner, WulfAssociate professorwk@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21951461521
Knudsen, Heidi EskelundPart-time Lecturerhek@cas.au.dk
Koefoed, Nina JavetteAssociate professorhisnk@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21981461520
Krasilnikoff, JensAssociate professorhisjk@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21891461423
Larsen, Pelle OliverPart-time Lecturerhispol@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21861463426
Lowe, Benedict Jameshisbjl@cas.au.dk
Maul, Daniel RogerAssistant Professordrm@cas.au.dk+45 8716 28081461418
Mührmann-Lund, Jørgenkosjml@cas.au.dk+45 8716 28461463426
Netterstrøm, Jeppe BüchertAssociate professorhisjbn@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22041461422
Nygaard, BertelAssociate professorbertel.nygaard@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22251461524
Olesen, Niels WiumAssociate professorhisnwo@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21921461518
Olesen, Thorsten BorringProfessorhistbo@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22081461530
Pajung, Stefanihosp@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22091461421
Petersen, Erik StrangePart-time Lecturerhisesp@hum.au.dk+45 8716 22061461330
Poulsen, BjørnProfessorhisbp@cas.au.dk+45 8716 21841461, 4. sal424
Rasmussen, Carsten PorskrogAssociate professorhiscpr@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22051461240
Rasmussen, Søren HeinAssociate professorhisshr@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22021461416
Skov, Christian EganderPart-time Lecturerhischs@cas.au.dk+45 2884 44901461430
Thelle, MikkelAssistant Professoriksmikkel@cas.au.dk+45 8716 22061461428
Wendel-Hansen, Jenshisjwh@cas.au.dk1461623
Ørnbjerg, Jakobjoe@cas.au.dk1463428
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