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Section for the Study of Religion

  • of the largest research environments in the world in this field


The Section for the Study of Religion is concerned with religion in its comprehensive sense. The studies cover all major world religions and other religions and phenomena essential to the history of religion, past and present. This is reflected in the academic staff's research competences, which not only include a broad spectrum of empirical skills but also a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches from fields including history, philology, history of literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology, and phenomenology of religion. 

Research environment

The Section for the Study of Religion at Aarhus University is one of the largest research environments in the world in this field, including strong research competences in Norse religion, contemporary religion, Islamic studies, cognition and experimental studies. The environment is interdisciplinary in its organisation and working methods, and the programme's researchers are involved in a wide range of research projects with colleagues from other fields, such as biblical studies and church history within theology, the humanities in general, the social science and the natural science.

Degree programmes

The Studies of Religion Programme offers Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the Study of Religion and a supplementary subject in Religion, Politics and Society in collaboration with political science. In addition a number of elective subjects are offered.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhonebuildingroom
Ahlin, LarsAssociate 8716 24711453527
Albinus, LarsAssociate 8716 24541451524
Borup, JørnAssociate 8716 24391453518
Christensen, Henrik ReintoftAssistant 8716 24921453525
Fibiger, Marianne QvortrupAssociate professor, head of PhD 8716 24361453529
Geertz, Armin 8716 24731453523
Jensen, Hans Jørgen 8716 24451453531
Jensen, Jeppe SindingAssociate 8716 24751451525
Kühle, LeneAssociate professor, head of 8716 24251453533
Nielbo, Kristoffer LaigaardAssistant 8716 29031453516
Nielsen, Marie VejrupAssociate 8716 25061453518
Olesen, Bjarne WernickeAssistant
Panagiotidou, 8716 28581451522
Petersen, Anders KlostergaardProfessor WSR, research programme 8716 24311451531
Schjødt, Jens PeterProfessor with Special 8716 24891451523
Schjødt, 8716 24761451526
Schleicher, MarianneAssociate 8716 24191453526
Sørensen, JesperAssociate 8716 24411451527
Thomsen, Søren 8716 25041451528
van Mulukom, 8716 24761453516
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