Anthropology at Aarhus University

Humans are social beings. Anthropology is all about what this means for how we arrange our lives, organize our society and perceive the world around us – everywhere on earth. How are people's worlds different and how do they experience the world differently – across societies or within the same society? And still what is it that we have in common? Read more here

Our degree programmes

In addition to educational programs in Anthropology from bachelor to PhD level, the department of Anthropology also offers a masters-degree in Human Security, supplementary subjects in anthropology and sociology respectively, as well as a one-year masters-degree in health anthropology.     

A strong research environment

The department of Anthropology is among the strongest academic environments in Europe and the department attracts guest-researchers, PhD-students and students from across the world. Our teaching is deeply anchored in our research with particular specializations within globalization and development, innovation and design, medical as well as visual anthropology.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Anders, Gerhard
Andersen, Marc
Andersen, Rikke SandAssociate, 113
Atmanand, Deva Taru
Autzen, MathildeResearch, 120
Beek, Martijn vanAssociate, 111
Bertoni,, 2.43
Bliksted, Vibeke FuglsangAssociate
Bogicevic, IvanaResearch Assistantiv.bogicevic@gmail.com1483, 326
Brichet, Nathalia
Bubandt, Nils, 120
Christiansen, CharlotteResearch
Christiansen, Morten
Cova, Victor, 238
Crawford, Peter IanAssociate
Dalgas, Karina
Dalsgård, LineAssociate, 2.19
Daugbjerg, MadsAssociate professor, head of PhD, 2.34
Dewhurst, Richard, 322
Dupont, MichaelPart-time
Eilenberg, MichaelAssociate, 215
Fibiger, Thomas BrandtAssistant, 212 A
Folmann,, 2.24
Funahashi, DaenaAssistant, 216
Gade, Christian B. N.Assistant Professor, Human, 2.14
Gammeltoft, Tine Mette
Gan, ElaineMember of Administrative, 134
Kjærsgaard, Mette
Gonzalez de la Higuera Rojo, SergioResearch Assistant
Gonzalez Vargas, Gonzalo Ananias
Graversen, Pia Thorsø
Hansen, Anders SybrandtAssistant, 328
Heimann, KatrinAssistant, 326
Pedersen, Susanne HøjlundAssociate, 114
Høybye, Mette TerpAssociate
Jensen, Inge
Jensen, Janne BleegStudies, 130
Jeppesen, Lena Lykke
Johansen, Mette-LouiseAssistant, 243
Jørgensen, Mathilde Lindh
Keisalo, Marianna Pä
Keleman Saxena,
Kirstein Høgel,
Kotnis, SitaResearch
Louw, Maria, 2.22
Nielsen, Jeanette Lykkegå, 2.51
Mazzolini, Anna!!Postdoc Antropologi Moesgå, 229
Meinert, LotteProfessor with Special, 1.49
Mosgaard, Kurt
Nielbo, Kristoffer LaigaardAssociate, 326
Nielsen, Mikka
Nielsen,, 220
Otto,, 0.45
Parsons, ChristineAssociate, 325
Pedersen, Bjarne Friis
Pedersen, Morten Axel
Piya, AvashResearch, 2.24
Rasmussen, Rikke GrinderslevResearch Assistantrikkegras@gmail.com1483, 325
Rosen, Melanie, 326
Rystok, Susanne
Rytter, MikkelAssociate, 2.30
Schneidermann, NannaPart-time
Seebach, Sophie HoogeResearch, 138
Seeberg, JensProfessor with Special, 119
Selmer, BodilAssociate, 113
Skewes, LeaResearch
Sparre, Sara
Steenberg,, 318
Suhr, ChristianAssistant
Swanson, Heather AnneAssociate, 132
Tejsner, PelleAssistant, 126
Tsing,, 136
Tørring, Marie, 2.26
Ulrich, Anita
Ulriksen, Marianne, 214
Vaisman, NoaAssistant, 224
Vangkilde, Kasper TangAssociate, 2.28
Vesper, CordulaAssistant
Vohnsen, Nina HolmAssociate, 211
Warner, CameronAssociate, 116
Whyte, Michael AnthonyPart-time

Latest publications

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Lotte Meinert

2017.10.25 | Antropologi, Grant

Major EU grant for PhD programme in Africa’s biggest challenges

How should Africa deal with the major continent-wide challenges related to, among other things, health, refugees, the environment and energy supply? These are some of the questions junior researchers from all over the world will be addressing as part of a new European collaboration headed by Aarhus University. The collaboration has recently…

2017.09.06 | Antropologi

Frederik Vejlin - new Phd at the Department of Anthropology

Fredrik will join cas with the project: "Finding the Soul of Sociality in the Social Robot: Exploring human-robot relations in Japan through the lens of techno-animism".

2017.08.30 | Antropologi

Astrid Kieffer-Døssing - New PhD student at the Department of Anthropology.

As of 1 September Astrid Kieffer-Døssing joins CAS with the project: "The heritage of return".


Wed 22 Nov
11:00-12:00 | Aud. 2 (4206-121), Moesgaard
Brown Bag Seminar (Staff only): Anthropology of Ageing
By Lotte and Mikkel
Thu 23 Nov
10:15-16:00 | Building 1485 - Room 226, Nobelparken, Campus Aarhus
MigMob-workshop: The institutionalization of religion among migrants
Wed 29 Nov
11:00-12:00 | Aud. 2 (4206-121), Moesgaard
Brown Bag Seminar (Staff only): Materializing Kinship: Cycles of Life at the Norwegian "Hytte"
By Bodil & Simone Abram
Wed 06 Dec
13:15-15:00 | Lecture Hall (4206-139), Moesgaard Campus
Academic Hour: Anthropology in conversation with an Islamic tradition: Emmanuel Levinas and the practice of critique
With Dr. Johan Rasanayagam, University of Aberdeen
Wed 13 Dec
11:00-12:00 | Aud. 2 (4206-121), Moesgaard
Brown Bag Seminar (Staff only): TBA
By Noa