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Anthropology at Aarhus University

Humans are social beings. Anthropology is all about what this means for how we arrange our lives, organize our society and perceive the world around us – everywhere on earth. How are people's worlds different and how do they experience the world differently – across societies or within the same society? And still what is it that we have in common? Read more here

Our degree programmes

In addition to educational programs in Anthropology from bachelor to PhD level, the department of Anthropology also offers a masters-degree in Human Security, supplementary subjects in anthropology and sociology respectively, as well as a one-year masters-degree in health anthropology.     

A strong research environment

The department of Anthropology is among the strongest academic environments in Europe and the department attracts guest-researchers, PhD-students and students from across the world. Our teaching is deeply anchored in our research with particular specializations within globalization and development, innovation and design, medical as well as visual anthropology.

Academic staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Ammann, Theresa Post doc. tammann@cas.au.dk 4235, 130
Andersen, Marc Malmdorf Postdoc mana@cas.au.dk +4526838517
Andersen, Rikke Sand Associate professor rsa@ph.au.dk +4587167984 1260, 113
Beek, Martijn van Associate professor mvanbeek@cas.au.dk +4587162119 4236, 111
Bliksted, Vibeke Fuglsang Associate professor vibeke.bliksted@clin.au.dk +4520558317
Bubandt, Nils Ole Professor bubandt@cas.au.dk +4587162116 4236, 120
Castenfeldt, Svend Research Assistant Emeritus etnosc@cas.au.dk
Chettri, Mona Postdoc mona.chettri@cas.au.dk
Christensen, Søren Rask Research Assistant src@cas.au.dk
Christiansen, Morten H. Professor with Special Responsibilities morten@cc.au.dk
Cova, Victor Sacha Assistant Professor vcova@cas.au.dk
Crafa, Daina Anne Assistant Professor daina.crafa@cas.au.dk
Dalsgård, Line Associate professor, Phd program director ald@cas.au.dk +4587162121 4236, 2.19
Daugbjerg, Mads Associate professor, head of department mads.daugbjerg@cas.au.dk +4587162128 4236, 119
Dybbroe, Susanne Associate professor Emerita etnosd@cas.au.dk
Eilenberg, Michael Associate professor etnome@cas.au.dk +4587162172 4236, 215
Fardo, Francesca Research Assistant francesca@clin.au.dk 1A, AUH, NBG
Fibiger, Thomas Brandt Research Assistant thomas.fibiger@cas.au.dk +4530287099
Frith, Christopher Donald c.frith@ucl.ac.uk
Funahashi, Daena Assistant Professor funahashi@cas.au.dk
Gade, Christian B. N. Associate professor gade@cas.au.dk +4587163276 4236, 214
Gammelby, Ane Kathrine Lolholm Research Assistant ak@cc.au.dk +4561707411
Gonzalez de la Higuera Rojo, Sergio Research Assistant sgr@cas.au.dk
Gravers, Mikael Associate professor emeritus etnomg@cas.au.dk +4521758809 Villaen, Moesgård Alle 18
Hansen, Anders Sybrandt Associate professor etnoash@cas.au.dk +4560662175 1467, 328
Heimann, Katrin Assistant Professor katrinheimann@cas.au.dk +4587162913 1483, 326
Høiris, Ole Emeritus professor etnooh@cas.au.dk +4587162065 4236, 145
Pedersen, Susanne Højlund Associate professor etnosh@cas.au.dk +4587162125 4236, 114
Høybye, Mette Terp Associate professor hoybye@cas.au.dk 1483, 326
Johansen, Mette-Louise Associate professor mlej@cas.au.dk +4587162173 4236, 243
Keleman Saxena, Alder Postdoc alder.keleman@cas.au.dk +4525644442
Kjærholm, Lars Associate professor emeritus lars.kj@cas.au.dk
Kristensen-McLachlan, Ross Deans Research Assistant rdkm@cas.au.dk
Louw, Maria E. Associate professor etnolouw@cas.au.dk +4587162062 4235, 2.22
Lundsgård, Stine Strøm Research Assistant stinestroem@cas.au.dk 1483, 330
Meinert, Lotte Professor lotte.meinert@cas.au.dk
Nielbo, Kristoffer Laigaard Associate professor kln@cas.au.dk +4587162913 1483, 326
Nielsen, Christian Axboe Associate professor christian.a.nielsen@cas.au.dk +4587162241 1461, 625
Nielsen, Morten etnomn@cas.au.dk +4587162165 4236, 220
O'neill, Sean Postdoc spo@cas.au.dk
Otto, Ton Professor ton.otto@cas.au.dk +4587162915 4236, 220
Paldam, Ella Postdoc elp@cas.au.dk +4526355332
Parsons, Christine Associate professor christine.parsons@cas.au.dk +4587162127 1483, 325
Pedersen, Poul Associate professor emeritus poul.pedersen@cas.au.dk +4529613069
Pfuhl, Gerit Visiting Researcher 1483, 327
Pinholt, Jens Associate professor emeritus
Piya, Avash Research Assistant etnapiya@cas.au.dk +4587162848 4235, 2.24
Ravid, Ofer Research Assistant
Roepstorff, Andreas Professor andreas.roepstorff@cas.au.dk +4587162124 1483, 319
Rosen, Melanie Gillespie Postdoc melanie.rosen@cas.au.dk

Latest publications


2019.02.05 | Antropologi

Lis Kayser - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Liz Kayser will be working on the project: "Nuclear Waste in French Polynesia: Dealing with Remnants of Times Gone"

2019.01.30 | Antropologi

Trine My Thygaard-Nielsen - New PhD-student at the Department of Anthropology

Trine My Thygaard-Nielsen will be working on a project studying industrial organic tomato production and climate change in Southern Spain

2018.10.25 | Antropologi

Amanda Møller Rasmussen – New Ph.D. at the Department for Anthropology

With a background in African Studies and Social Anthropology of Development from Copenhagen University and School of Oriental and African Studies, respectively, Amanda has started her Ph.D. at the Department for Anthropology in September.


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