New Master’s degree programme in Asian studies (India and South Asia)

From 1 September 2014 onwards it will be possible to take a Master’s degree programme in Asian studies at Aarhus University. Graduates will be specialists with regard to the world’s largest democracy and most populous country.

2014.01.29 | Anja Kjærgaard


Master’s graduates of Asian studies (Indian and South Asian studies) will have the competences needed to work in a region which is of central importance in an increasingly global world. India is the world’s largest democracy, and in 2025 it is expected to overtake China and become the most populous nation in the world. South Asia is now home to 25% of the world’s population.

Programme coordinator Uwe Skoda explains the introduction of the new Master’s degree as follows: “Taken together, the population increase in South Asia and the appearance of India as a growth economy mean that the region as a whole will have an increasing political impact on the global stage.”

Graduates will gain in-depth knowledge of central political, social and cultural tendencies in India and South Asia, and Uwe Skoda believes that these competences will be in great demand – for instance in connection with consultancy services for international organisations involved in the region.

Facts about the new degree programme

  • The new Master’s degree programme in Asian studies will admit about 30 students this autumn
  • Students choose between two tracks. One requires language competences in Hindi, which can be developed during the programme. The other turns students into international specialists with in-depth insight into the role of the region in an increasingly global world
  • Graduates of Asian studies are expected to have good employment opportunities – for instance in companies or organisations involved in trade or development projects in Asia who are looking for specialists in the rapidly changing society and culture of India and South Asia
  • Read more about the new Master’s degree programme in the study guide

Further information

Uwe Skoda
Programme coordinator – Asian studies
Department of Culture and Society
Aarhus University
Tel. +45 8716 2325

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