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Research Unit for Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Philosophy of Cognition


The unit coordinates research on interrelated issues in analytical epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy of cognition. Currently prominent research questions within the unit concern modal conditions for knowledge and knowledge of modality, epistemic norms, dispositions and response-dependence, non-representational theories of cognition, process ontology, the role of intuitions and conceivability for modal cognition, mathematical knowledge, scientific realism, naturalism, and pragmatism.

The unit has a strong international profile, with solid ties to several of the worlds most prominent research centers in the field. 

The unit arranges a permanent research seminar with weekly meetings during term time, with a university-wide following, and often hosts workshops and conferences.

Please contact the coordinator of the unit if you wish to get involved!

Unit Coordinator

Lars Bo Gundersen

Associate professor
H 1465, 615
P +4587162274

Events Spring 2019

All seminars take place 12:30–14:30 in 1467/616


8/1      Weng Hong Tang (NUS)                     

“Evidentialism and Fit”

22/2    Asger Kirkeby-Hinrup (Lund)             

"Empirical Data in the Philosophy of Mind"  

1/3      Lee Walters (Southhampton)            

“The Linguistic Approach to Ontology”

26/4    Asbjørn Steglich-Petersen (AU)                             

"Weighing epistemic and practical reasons for belief"

10/5    Johanna Seibt (AU)        

"The Mind as Process—Can We Naturalize the Mind By Recategorization?"


Jens Christian Krarup Bjerring Assistant Professor
Phone: +4587162861

Jacob Busch Associate Professor, Department Manager

Lars Bo Gundersen Associate professor
Phone: +4587162274

Katrine Krause-Jensen PhD Student
Phone: +4587162249

Marco Nørskov Associate professor
Phone: +4587162821

Raffaele Rodogno Associate professor, research programme director
Phone: +4587162259

Samuel Schindler Associate professor
Phone: +4587156308

Joshua Charles Skewes Associate professor
Phone: +4587162653

Mattias Skipper PhD Student