Research Unit for Ethics, Legal, and Political Philosophy


The unit coordinates the work of researchers working on interrelated questions in ethics, legal, and political philosophy. Current research questions concern the ethics of war, bioethics, moral psychology, roboethics, political justice, public space, politics of everyday life, social philosophy, inequality, the public sphere, the welfare state, normativity, naturalism, the ethics and politics of punishment, and the nature of rights, media ethics, and history of ethics.

The unit has an international profile, with solid ties to several of the world’s most prominent research centers in the field. Its research is published in top ranked journals. Members of the unit are actively seeking large European and Danish funds.

The unit hosts a permanent research seminar with a university-wide following, frequently organizes workshops and conferences.

Unit Coordinator

Raffaele Rodogno

Associate professor, research programme director

Events Spring 2019

Tor. 21/2, 13:15 – 15:00, B1467-616

A.J. Julius (UCLA): “A form of unfreedom: On freedom and reasons for action.”


Man. 18/3, 13:15 – 15:00, B1467-616 

Nicholas Vrousalis (AU & Leiden): “How exploiters dominate.”

This paper argues that exploitation is a form of domination, namely domination for self-enrichment. I argue that what makes exploitation wrong is that it constitutes domination-induced unilateral service to others; that this form of servitude is necessarily cashed out in terms of labour time or effort; that competing contemporary accounts of exploitation fail to do justice to the servitude dimension; and that one influential account of exploitation, due to Alan Wertheimer, presupposes something like this view.


Morten Dige
Associate professor

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Mette Ebbesen
Part-time Lecturer


Hans Fink

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Katrine Krause-Jensen
PhD Student

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Raffaele Rodogno
Associate professor, research programme director

Phone: +4587162259