Research Unit for Robophilosophy


The Research Unit for Robophilosophy (RUR) addresses research questions in social robotics that require expertise in various philosophical disciplines, including the new area of intercultural philosophy of technology.   Robophilosophy, which we have defined as "philosophy of, for, and by social robotics," is a new area of interdisciplinary and partly experimental philosophy that participates in, and facilitates, the integration of  empirical and normative research in the Humanities and Human sciences (anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, phenomenology, ontology, knowledge representation, ethics) into social robotics research and engineering.

Social robotics is not only among the socially most relevant research areas for scholars in the Humanities, it also marks a new relationship between technology and the Humanities. The Research Unit for Robophilosophy undertakes targeted research projects (see but also serves as a platform for research exchange--we coordinate the "Robophilosophy Conference Series" ( and the Research Network for Transdisciplinary Studies in Social Robotics (TRANSOR).

Unit coordinator

Johanna Seibt

Professor with Special Responsibilities


May 20: open to all, in cooperation with the HUMAN FUTURES research area: "Automation, Trust, and Society"--Discussion with Francis Fukuyama

May 24th: Robophilosophy Research Seminar (restricted)

June 7: Robophilosophy Research Seminar (restricted)

June 15: Robophilosophy Research Seminar (restricted)

June 22: Open to all: TRANSOR IV Workshop: Repetition, Spontaneity, and Creativity in Human Robot Interactions: Challenges and Reconfigurations

July 3 and 4: Annual Meeting of the INSOR Project Group (restricted) 

Sept. 14 and 15: open to all, in cooperation with the HUMAN FUTURES research area: 

Conference and workshop  Futures worth living--why we need the Humanities even more


Søren Schack Andersen
PhD Student

Phone: +4587163342

Jens Christian Krarup Bjerring
Assistant Professor

Phone: +4587162861

Jacob Busch
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162246

Marco Nørskov
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162821

Raffaele Rodogno
Associate professor, research programme director

Phone: +4587162259

Johanna Seibt
Professor with Special Responsibilities

Phone: +4587162245