Research Unit for the History of Political and Economic Ideas


The focus of the research unit is on the development and manifestation of political and economic thought both historically and at present. With a starting point in intellectual history the social, historical, ideological, scientific etc. contexts and developments. One of the primary concerns of the research unit is to incorporate and discuss various analytical tools and approaches to the study of political and economic ideas in motion. Of particular interest is the exploration of analytical resources developed outside classical intellectual history, for instance in literary theory, social history, sociology etc. and the discussion and experimentation of applying these resources in an intellectual history analysis.

Unit Coordinator

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Events Autumn 2018


Andreas Beck Holm: Towards an Althusserian Concept of Community

Erik Sporon Fiedler (Teologi, KU): Efter Foucault. Sloterdijk, kynisme, kritik

9:00-11:00; 1467-6. sal, Loungen          



Darrin McMahon (Dartmouth College,

 - 11.00-12.30; 1467-616 MacMahon on his latest research. Contact Christian Christiansen ( if you wish to participate to this event.

- 14.15-15.30; 1252-310. Public Lecture: Three Revolutions in the History of Happiness.



Frederik Stjernfelt og David Budtz Pedersen (Humanomics Research Centre, AAU): Kampen om mennesket. Opposition ved Casper Andersen & Mikkel Thorup (Idéhistorie, AU)

15:00-18:00; 1441-113



Mathias Hein Jessen (CBS): Civil Sociey in the Shadow of the State

Louise Rognlien: ”The masking ban and everyday resistance”

9:00-11:00; 1467-616



Jonas Gerlings (Europæiske Universitet, Firenze): Kant og kameralvidenskaberne

Christian Olaf Christiansen (AU): Business, Human Rights and Poverty, 1970-Present Day: An Intellectual History

9:00-11:00; 1467-616



Jacob Jensen (AU): Visions of politics as economics

9:00-11:00; 1467-616


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