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Research Unit for the History of Political and Economic Ideas


The focus of the research unit is on the development and manifestation of political and economic thought both historically and at present. With a starting point in intellectual history the social, historical, ideological, scientific etc. contexts and developments. One of the primary concerns of the research unit is to incorporate and discuss various analytical tools and approaches to the study of political and economic ideas in motion. Of particular interest is the exploration of analytical resources developed outside classical intellectual history, for instance in literary theory, social history, sociology etc. and the discussion and experimentation of applying these resources in an intellectual history analysis.

Unit Coordinator

Events Spring 2019


Andreas Aagaard Nøhr (Groeningen) og Ludvig Goldschmidt (Aarhus)



Jacob Jensen (Aarhus): The Social Contract as a Fiscal Compact og Mikkel Thorup (Aarhus): Rogue Democracy. Introduction


Esben Bøgh Sørensen (Aarhus): The Making of Agrarian Capitalism in Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century England

Christian Olaf Christiansen: Business, Human Rights and Poverty, 1970-Present Day: An Intellectual History



Magnus Møller Ziegler (Aarhus): Cannibals and Animals of Capital

Simone Sefland (Aarhus): Post-truth


Ph.d. - workshop: Annabel Brett (Cambridge)


Nicolai Mariegaard (Athen): The Politics of Popular Sovereignty

Andreas Gregersen: Civility is its discontents

12/6            ​

Workshop, Oslo Universitet