Research Unit on the Philosophy of Biomedicine, Health Professions, and Public Health Sciences


This unit studies the central questions in theory of science, ethics, and politics that arise in connection with medicine, health, and health practice. The research bears on, among others, the articulation of the concepts of disease and  the development of diagnostics, the requirement of an evidence-based medical and clinical practice (including the relation between qualitative and quantitative evidence), the altered understanding of the human body in light of biotechnological and neuroscientific development, ethical questions in relation to health promotion, health enhancement, our understanding of autonomy and justice in light of altered relations among health professionals, patients, and the state.

The unit strengthens a national and international research collaboration developed during the past 40 years, including an extensive collaboration with what is now the Faculty of Health at Aarhus University. In collaboration with the Center for Humanistic Health Research, the unit provides the research basis for teaching in philosophy and theory of science in connection with a number of programmes at the Faculty of Health. Finally, the unit pursues an extensive research collaboration, both nationally and internationally, with a number of health institutions and research centers.

Events Autumn 2017

Meetings take place at 15.00-17.00 in room 1453-125, unless otherwise indicated.

Oct 6: Daena Funahashi (Anthropology, AU) On the Limits of Thinking Globally: Health Governance and the Untranslatable in Thailand

Nov 10: Anders Kruse Ljungdalh (Syddansk Universitet): A History of the Concept of Attention

Nov 17: Jacob Busch (Philosophy, AU) Nudging

Dec 8: Antoinette Mary Fage-Butler (School of Communication and Culture, AU) What “health” means to Danish women from a low income group: Findings from an interview study. This meeting will be held outside the university. If you are interested in attending, please contact Jonathan Sholl for details ( )





The following members of the programme participate regularly to the activities organized by the unit. Most activities are open to those interested. Please, contact the unit coordinator for further information.

Jacob Busch
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162246

Andreas Beck Holm
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162294

Uffe Juul Jensen

Phone: +4587162289

Karen Munk
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162247

Raffaele Rodogno
Associate professor

Phone: +4587162259

Jonathan Sholl
Assistant Professor


Unit Coordinator