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Christianity and Theology in Culture and Society

Christianity and Theology in Culture and Society

Formation – Reformation – Transformation


The research programme focuses on the social and cultural role and impact of Christianity during its history in and beyond Europe: starting with its formative period around the Mediterranean in antiquity, proceeding with continuous processes of reformation – especially within the so-called European reformationperiod, which will have its anniversary in 2017 – as well as global attempts of cultural and religious transformation. In this context the role of “theology” as an academic field and expertise of a critical self-reflection of religion plays an enormous role in history and modern society.

The research programme is open for other fields of scholars from the humanities and sciences and will establish cross-disciplinary projects. It is based on the following research groups : “Old Testament Studies”, “New Testament Studies”, ”Studies in the Christian Orient”, ”Reformation Theology and Confessional Culture”, ”Ecclesiastical Studies” and “Research in K. E. Løgstrup”.


Thu 10 Dec
10:00-16:00 | Statsbiblioteket (State Library), Victor Albecksvej 1, mødelokale 0, Aarhus
Annotation and Visualization of Digital Data in the Humanities
Seminar, arranged by DeIC – Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation and Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo, Arts, AU
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