The Danida (FFU) funded project Imagining Gender Futures in Uganda (IMAGENU) runs 4 years and is set to start up 01.10.2018. Partner institutions are University of Copenhagen and Gulu University, Uganda. The project IMAGENU will provide a new perspective on gender and futures by placing marriage in Uganda and its decline at the centre, showing how this most fundamental gender relation implicates the filiation of children, livelihoods, education, health and people’s imaginations, expectations and hopes for the future.


It will investigate the new forms of gender relations that are replacing formal marriage. Unlike previous studies it will be comparative in four ways: it will examine both male and female situations; it will trace changes by comparing grandparents, middle-aged parents, and youth; it will attend to socio-economic (class) differences; it will bring together studies from greater northern and eastern Uganda.


The overall purpose of this project is to enhance research capacity by generating new knowledge about how changing patterns of gender partnerships relate to child filiation, livelihood, education, and reproductive and mental health. This will contribute to the development of relevant social gender policies, and create debate in the wider public.