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Aarhus Kant Week 2017

Master Class with James Conant (University of Chicago): Why Kant is not a Kantian

30.03.2017 | Mai Korsbæk

Dato man 08 maj tir 09 maj
Tid 08:00    18:00
Sted Søauditorierne, William Scharff Auditoriet

Masterclass: "Why Kant is not a Kantian" with James Conant (University of Chicago)

Date and venue: 8-9 May 2017, Aarhus University, Søauditorierne, William Scharff Auditoriet


The course seeks to show how a proper understanding of the structure of the B Deduction—the philosophical lynchpin of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason—reveals its aim to be one of making sense of our capacities for sensibility and understanding in the light of each other: each is shown to depend on its relation to the other to be the sort of faculty that it is in a finite rational being.


All are welcome. Graduate students and young researchers are particularly encouraged to attend. Registration is required. Please send your name and university affiliation to: KantWeek2017@gmail.com



More detailled information will be available soon on: conferences.au.dk/KantWeek2017

Full program for the Kant Week can be located here: program Kant Week 2017



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