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Jonathan Nilas Puntervold - New PhD at the Department of Global Studies

Jonathan will be working on the project:" If the shoe fits: The Japanese Rejection of Western Grammatical Theory in the early 20th century".

20.02.2020 | Camilla Dimke

My name is Jonathan Puntervold. I am 31 years old, I have a BA in linguistics from Aarhus University, and an MA in Japanese studies from Copenhagen University. I have spent two semesters abroad in Japan, at Kobe University and University of Tokyo, respectively. Beginning in February 2020, I will be a part of the Department of Global Studies as a ph.d. student with the project If the shoe fits: The Japanese Rejection of Western Grammatical Theory in the early 20th century under the supervision of Annette Skovsted Hansen and William McGregor.

The project is concerned with a specific point in the history of Japanese linguistics, when, after a few decades of embracing Anglo-European grammatical theory, a number of Japanese intellectuals began to reject these theories in favour of developing their own branch of language studies. This school of thought only lasted a generation or so, until Anglo-European theory once again became mainstream after World War II. Today, these grammarians are mostly unknown outside specialist circles, and little have been written about them in English. The aim of the project is to shed some new light on this largely forgotten chapter the global history of linguistics through the theoretical perspective of “postcolonial linguistics”. As a part of the project, I plan to visit the University of Tokyo.

That said, my academic interests are not only limited to grammar (!) – I also have a broader interest in East Asian culture, history, and politics. In my free time, I like to cook (in this regard, I prefer China to Japan), watch movies (I have a particular fondness for Hong Kong and Korean cinema) and play videogames (although these are almost exclusively Japanese). I look forward to being a part of the research environment at CAS! 

Jonathan Nilas Puntervold
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