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MANTRA offers you access to individual project designs and hand-picked professional
anthropologists with profiles that are tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Commissioned collaboration projects

MANTRA provides feedback, consulting and assistance in relation to various forms of research and development tasks, including user studies (UX studies), evaluations and organisational analyses.

MANTRA is always happy to discuss task performance with its clients, and to sign a contract covering content, timetables and rights. Johanne Korsdal Sørensen is MANTRA’s project manager. Both researchers, scientific assistants and paid anthropology student workers are included to the necessary extent in our collaboration projects.

Commissioned activities comply with Aarhus University’s rules about income-generating activities, and the projects involved are financed by the company or organisation that commissions us to take part.

Scalability – anthropological analyses

The theoretical and methodical approach used by anthropologists enables us to carry out valuable long-term or short-term studies. An anthropological study can last from a few hours to days, weeks, months and even years. MANTRA can also scale projects by intensifying the efforts invested, taking on extra help for short periods of time when necessary. For example, MANTRA can assign ten anthropologists to a project for a period of two months in order to generate a strong body of data in a short space of time. In other words, anthropological studies are scalable. The duration of a study can be adapted to suit the needs of your organisation and the nature of the project in question. 

Co-financed research

The research at the Department of Anthropology encompasses a wide range of themes which we want to develop in collaboration with external partners in order to add new themes and perspectives to our work on an ongoing basis. In other words, we can collaborate with many different types of public and private organisations in a wide range of different project types. Like commissioned projects, co-financed research involves close dialogue with our partners. A contract is always signed defining the content, timetable and rights. 

MANTRA draws on experts in e.g.

  • Health and sickness
  • Bureaucrazy and power
  • Social media, film and photo
  • Migration and tourism
  • Sustainability and environmental issues
  • Specific regions and religions


Interested in practicum agreements with students at the Department of Anthropology? 

For inquiries regarding field practicum: MantraAssistance@cas.au.dk


We make individually tailored job specific offers