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Guided tour around the manor and Moesgaard Museum. 
1st group meetings - International MoCa Mates programme. 
Questions and dicussion at the AU Moesgaard Autumn Lecture.

2015.09.14 | Antropologi, Arkæologi

Welcome to new Master’s students at Moesgaard Campus (MoCa)

The first week of September equals Intro Week for new Master’s students at Moesgaard, i.e. full degree programmes in Archaeology, Sustainable heritage Management, Anthropology, and Human Security. This year a new initiative called MoCa Mates brings together senior Master’s students with new international students.

2015.09.02 | Awards, Antropologi, Interacting minds

Professor Andreas Roepstorff wins prestigious award

One of the Carlsberg Foundation’s two major research awards has been presented to Professor Andreas Roepstorff from Aarhus University. He is the leader of the Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University, and the award was given in recognition of his cross-disciplinary research into human culture and biology.

Christian Vium
The Wake #01. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #08. Christian Vium. 2014.

2015.08.07 | Antropologi, Awards

Anthropologist winner of the Tokyo International Photography Competition

Anthropologist Christian Vium’s photographic research project ’The Wake’ has been chosen as winner of the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Photography Competition and Grant Winner in Lensculture Emerging Talents.

The Wake #01. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #08. Christian Vium. 2014.
The Wake #16. Christian Vium. 2014.

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Anthropologist chosen for FOAM Talents 2015

Anthropologist Christian Vium’s project has been chosen among more than 1200 projects from 67 countries as one of 21 FOAM Talents 2015.

Bagga Bjerge
Nina Holm Vohnsen

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Bagga Bjerge and Nina Holm Vohnsen have received a grant for an interdisciplinary research network

Bagga Bjerge, Assistant Professor at AU, and Nina Holm Vohnsen, Assistant Professor at the department of Anthropology at AU, have received a grant from "Det Frie Forskningsråd" to do research into public sector reforms as part of an interdisciplinary research network.

2015.06.24 | Antropologi

Substantial grant received for research on materiality and value in the practice of ethnographic collection

Cameron Warner has received a grant from "Det Frie Forskningsråd" at about 6,5 million to do research in how ethnographic objects are ascribed value and meaning across time and space. The application was made in collaboration with Ton Otto and Ulrik Høj Johnsen among others. Ulrik Høj Johnsen has received funds for a PhD project.

Teresa Caldeira (University of California, Berkeley)

2015.04.10 | Antropologi

"Brazil - the land of the future?"

During the days 12-14 March Contemporary Ethnography housed an international conference: "Brazil - the land of the future?". The conference was very successful and well-visited.

2015.03.26 | Antropologi

James Scott gives Futures Lecture at AU

9 April at 5 pm James Scott will give a talk about domestication - of grain, animals, and humans.

2015.01.08 | Research, Contemporary Ethnography, Antropologi

Professor George E. Marcus appointed Honorary Doctor

George Marcus is one of the world’s leading anthropologists. He has recently been appointed Honorary Doctor at Aarhus University.

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