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Catrine Sundorf Kristensen - New PhD student at the Department of Anthropology

As of 1 September, Catrine is enrolled as a PhD student with the project " Ethical Aspirations for Tomorrow: First-person ethics in the future orientations of political youth in Denmark."

Portrait of Catrine Sundorf Kristensen

My name is Catrine, I was born and raised in South Jutland, but have over the past eight years accommodated to life in Aarhus. From September 1st, I will be enrolled as a 5+3 PhD student at the Faculty of Arts.

In 2019 I finished my Master’s degree in Anthropology from Aarhus University with a thesis on how ideas about the national Mongolian past impact Mongolian university students’ evaluations of the socio-political present, as well as their visions for the future. Subsequently, as a research assistant on the project HOPE – How Democracies Cope with COVID-19, I have explored how youth in Denmark’s everyday life and thoughts about the future were impacted by the epidemic. While my field in Mongolia has been replaced with one ‘at home’ in Denmark, youth, temporality, and politics have long been core theoretical interests of mine, which is also reflected in my PhD project.

Under the working title ‘Ethical Aspirations for Tomorrow: First-person ethics in the future orientations of political youth in Denmark’ and supervision of Maria Louw, I will be exploring how aspirations for good local, national, and global futures are sought realized in the political engagement and everyday actions of political youth across the Danish political spectrum. Inspired by the anthropology of ethics, the project addresses how negotiations of ‘the good’ for a broader societal context – be it local, national, or global – that exceeds the individual’s immediate relations in different ways are drawn into the situated everyday practices and political engagement of Danish youth.

I look forward to returning to Moesgaard Campus.

Catrine Sundorf Kristensen
School of Culture and Society - Department of Anthropology
Moesgård Allé 20
8270 Højbjerg