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The Anthropology Research Program

Research and impact

The Anthropology Research Program seeks to develop insight into how the dialectic between empirical research and theoretical reflection can be retooled into new forms of fieldwork-based research that can provide new knowledge on topics which we thought we already understood, topics that range from climate change, cultural epidemiology, poverty, migrationhuman-nonhuman relations, museology, music, post-disaster recovery, ethics, heritage studies, food and public health to creativity in business or the revival of religion in the 21st century.

Our program is one of the largest concentrations of socio-cultural anthropologists in the world. It comprises around twenty-four Professors and Associate Professors, eight Assistant Professors and Postdoctoral Fellows, and on average forty-five PhD students. Our members regularly publish in the very best international journals and university presses such as JRAI, Ethnos, and the University of Chicago Press. We obtain large-externally funded grants from Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Carlsberg Foundation, and the Velux Foundation. And perhaps most importantly, members of the Research Program in Anthropology apply their research results to pressing public problems such as climate change, post-disaster recovery, migration, and public health crises, such as Covid-19.


Recent publications

Researchers from AU are emphasized:

Christensen, Mette K., Johanne K. Sørensen, Rune D. Jensen, Signe G. Brøndt, Karen Norberg, Lotte D. O'Neill, Lene S. Mortensen & Peder Charles. (2020): "How to play the game of medical education: Sociocultural analyses of educational difficulties among medical residents." MedEdPublish, 9, [1], 125

Elbek, Laust Lund. (2020): "Rupture, reproduction, and the state: The Arab Spring on Lampedusa as ‘Layered Event’". History and Anthropology. Eprint

Sparre, Sara Lei. (2020). "(In)visbility and the Muslim other: Narratives of flight and religious identity among Iraqi Christians in Denmark". Ethnicities.

Vaisman, Noa and Barrera Leticia. (2020): “On Judgment: managing Emotions in Trials of Crimes Against Humanity in Argentina.” Social & Legal Studies Online First, pp. 1-23.

Vaisman, Noa. (2020): “Teaching Ethnographic Methods under COVID-19.” In Urgent Forum. Social Anthropology, May 2020.

Warburg, Anna Bræmer, and Steffen Jensen. “Policing the War on Drugs and the Transformation of Urban Space in Manila.” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 38, no. 3 (June 2020): 399–416. https://doi.org/10.1177/0263775818817299.


Warburg, Anna Bræmer, and Steffen Jensen. “Ambiguous Fear in the War on Drugs: A Reconfiguration of Social and Moral Orders in the Philippines.” Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 51, no. 1-2 (2020): 5–24. doi:10.1017/S0022463420000211. 

Upcoming events

  • Carolyn Rouse from Princeton University will join us via ZOOM on October 7th. She will speak on race, ethnicity, and infectious diseases such as Covid-19.
  • Sienna R. Craig from Dartmouth College will join us via ZOOM on October 21st. She will speak on her new book "The Ends of Kinship: Connecting Himalayan Lives Between Nepal and New York".
  • Hayley MacGregor from the Institute for Development Studies will join us via ZOOM on November 18th, a couple of days before she speaks to the MSA Biennale Symposium. Hayley will also be speaking on epidemics.

News and events

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Departmental Seminars Spring 2020

Research Program Director

Cameron Warner

Associate professor, research programme director