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At the department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies we are concerned with people and the environment and culture and society from the earliest to modern times, with a focus on studies of material culture. On the basis of fieldwork and library and laboratory studies, including anthropology, history and a variety of scientific approaches, the programme investigates and challenges our understanding of past societies seen in a long time perspective.

Research environment
The archaeology programme at Aarhus University has an international profile and strong research networks. A dynamic research environment provides the framework for large research projects, international conferences and a variety of visiting researchers. The environment is versatile and cross-disciplinary, and the academic staff’s research competences span topics ranging from war and power, mobility and globalisation, family and individual, religion and rituals, landscape and settlement, paleo-demography and evolution, trade and networks, technology and knowledge exchange to (in particular) quantitative analysis methods, field methodology and digital representation.

Affiliated degree programmes
The archaeology programme at Aarhus University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in prehistoric archaeology and medieval and Renaissance archaeology. In addition, a variety of elective subjects and events are offered, including Viking age Scandinavia at the Aarhus University Summer University.

Academic staff

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Andresen, Jens-Bjørn Riis Associate professor jens.andresen@cas.au.dk +4587162076 4215, 122
Atzbach, Rainer Associate professor, head of department afdelingsleder.arkaeologi@cas.au.dk +4587162052 4215, 131
Cohen, Joshua Benjamin Postdoc jbcohen@cas.au.dk 4211
Daroczi, Tibor Tamas Postdoc ttd@cas.au.dk 4210, 26
Dobat, Andres Associate professor farkado@cas.au.dk +4587162094 4215, 124
Giles, Kate Honorary associate professor
Harvey, David Charles Associate professor david.harvey@cas.au.dk +447949212177 4211
Hess, Thomas Postdoc thomas.hess@uni-tuebingen.de
Holst, Mads Kähler !!Adjungeret professor mads.holst@cas.au.dk +4522994915
Hussain, Shumon Tobias Assistant Professor s.t.hussain@cas.au.dk 4216, 149
Jensen, Helle Juel Associate professor farkhjj@cas.au.dk 4210, 26
Johannsen, Niels Nørkjær Associate professor nnj@cas.au.dk +4587162078 4211
Kock, Jan !!Lektor emeritus jan.kock@cas.au.dk +4587162072 4209, 11
Kristensen, Hans Krongaard !!Emeritus markhkk@cas.au.dk
Kristiansen, Mette Svart Associate professor markmsk@cas.au.dk +4587162084 4215, 133
Linaa, Jette !!Adjungeret lektor jl@cas.au.dk +4520459140
Løvschal, Mette Associate professor lovschal@cas.au.dk +4522889205 4210, 25
Mannino, Marcello Associate professor marcello.mannino@cas.au.dk +4587162956 4215, 126
McAtackney, Laura Associate professor laura.mcatackney@cas.au.dk +4587163331 4215, 123
Naum, Magdalena Ewa Associate professor magdalena.naum@cas.au.dk +4550155529 4215, 129
Ombashi, Havananda
Riede, Felix Professor with special responsibilities, research programme dire f.riede@cas.au.dk +4587162081 4216, 147
Roesdahl, Else Professor Emeritus else.roesdahl@cas.au.dk +4586152953 4209, 12
Shepherd, Nick Associate professor ns@cas.au.dk 4211
Sindbæk, Søren Michael Professor with Special Responsibilities farksms@cas.au.dk +4540878334 4230, 228
Vandkilde, Helle Professor farkhv@cas.au.dk +4587162096 4215, 132
Vellev, Jens !!Emeritus jens.vellev@cas.au.dk +4587162068 4209, 6

Phd students

Name Job title Email Phone Building
Ahlqvist, Laura Elisabeth Svop PhD Student laura.ahlqvist@cas.au.dk
Beck, Anna Severine PhD Fellow asb@cas.au.dk +4587162434 4210, 26
Bloch, Rie PhD Student rbh@cas.au.dk
Borake, Trine Louise PhD Student tlb@cas.au.dk
Brozou, Anastasia PhD Student ana.brozou@cas.au.dk
Copplestone, Tara PhD Fellow tara.copplestone@cas.au.dk
Dodd, James Andrew PhD Student james.dodd@cas.au.dk
Felding, Louise PhD Student lofel@cas.au.dk
Heijnis, Arjen PhD Student arjenh@cas.au.dk Hovedbygningen, Moesgård, 28
Hrnjic, Mahir PhD Student mahir.hrnjic@cas.au.dk
Høybye, Martin PhD Student mh@cas.au.dk
Jackson, Rowan rowan.jackson@au.dk 4215, 127
Jensen, Mathias Paul Bjørnevad PhD Student mathias.jensen@cas.au.dk +4561373086 4215, 034
Juul, Katrine Balsgaard PhD Student katrine.balsgaard.juul@cas.au.dk +4587162178 4210, 28
Jørgensen, Christian Svejgård Lunde PhD Student christiansvejgaard@cas.au.dk +4520112796
Larsen, Johan Sandvang PhD Student jslarsen@cas.au.dk
Maring, Rikke PhD Student rikke.maring@cas.au.dk +4521736973
Matta, Valentina PhD Student valentina.matta@cas.au.dk
Matzig, David Nicolas PhD Student david.matzig@cas.au.dk
Mohamed, Wesam PhD Student wesam.mo@cas.au.dk +4550402547
Nielsen, Simon Kjær PhD Student skn@cas.au.dk
Pedersen, Jesper Borre PhD Student jesper.borre@cas.au.dk
Radohs, Luisa PhD Student luisa.radohs@cas.au.dk
Sauer, Nikoline PhD Student nsp@cas.au.dk
Vos, Julie de PhD Student julie.de.vos@cas.au.dk 4215, 034
Zahedi, Pardis PhD Student pzahedi@cas.au.dk +4550246472

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Latest publications

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2020.05.19 | Arkæologi

The logics of enclosure: deep‐time trajectories in the spread of land tenure boundaries in late prehistoric northern Europe

Mette Løvschal publishes article with the prestigious journal JRAI

2020.02.05 | Arkæologi

David Matzig - New PhD Student at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

David will be working on the CLIOARCH project headed by Professor Felix Riede.

2020.01.23 | Arkæologi

Pardis Zahedi - New PhD at the Department of Archaeology and Heritage Studies

Pardis has a background in Caribbean archaeology and will be joining the EMoC research team as a PhD student from 1 February 2020.


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