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Research Unit for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology


HPST is devoted to the study of the history and current development of the sciences, technology and medicine. The disciplinary focus of the group is the history of science, history of ideas, STS and philosophy and sociology of science. The purpose of the unit is to firmly anchor this field of research and teaching at the department for philosophy and the history of ideas. The working language of the group is English and we welcome all colleagues with an interest in this field of research.

The Unit activities are announced at the beginning of term and include:

-          Research presentations by invited speakers

-          HPST/CSS Term Seminar (jointly organised with the Centre for Science Studies, AU)

-          Work-in-Progress sessions and brown bag seminars based on the research of group members.

Journal Club and information sharing regarding conferences, funding opportunities, new publications field, etc.

Unit Coordinator

Events Spring 2021

De fleste aktiviteter vil i dette semester foregå via zoom. Kontakt gerne enhedskoordinator Casper Andersen (ideca@cas.au.dk) hvis du ønsker at deltage i et seminar.