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2016.11.28 | People, Religionsvidenskab

Professor at the Department of the Study of Religion is awarded the Order of the Dannebrog

Professor, dr.theol., Hans Jørgen Lundager Jensen has been awarded the cross of the order of chivalry and appointed knight of the Order of Dannebrog

2016.11.28 | Religionsvidenskab

Armin Geertz receives AIAS fellowship

Armin Geertz will commence his fellowship on 1 February 2017

2015.11.17 | Religionsvidenskab

Lene Kühle new MSO professor at the School of Culture and Society

Lene Kühle has been awarded an MSO professorship with effect from 1 November. “MSO” stands for “with special responsibilities” in Danish.

2015.08.25 | Research, Religionsvidenskab

CAS Keynote speaker at world congress

Senior lecturer Jeppe Sinding Jensen from the Study of Religion is keynote speaker at the quinquennial world congress in the History of Religions in Erfurt - as first Danish scholar

2015.03.28 | Religionsvidenskab, Historie og Klassiske Studier

Successful Student Symposium on the Viking and Middle Ages

The Eighth Annual Student Symposium drew more than 100 participants from all over the world, including 24 speakers from 11 different European universities. This year’s Symposium was expanded to a two-day event, and featured many interesting papers and discussions.

2014.10.08 | Talent development, Interdisciplinær religionsforskning, Religionsvidenskab

AU sets up joint PhD degree programme with Queen’s University in Belfast

A new agreement between the graduate school at the Faculty of Arts and The Queen’s University of Belfast gives students the chance to take a joint PhD degree in the Cognitive Science of Religion from both universities.

2014.03.06 | Research, Religionsvidenskab

New Study sheds light on how social understanding is performd by the brain

A new study from the Interacting Minds Centre settles an important question about how social understanding is performed in the brain. The findings may help us to attain a better understanding of why people with autism and schizophrenia have difficulties with social interaction.

2014.01.08 | Talent development, Interdisciplinær religionsforskning, Religionsvidenskab

Joint PhD degree in the cognitive science of religion

Breaking news: Joint PhD degree in the cognitive science of religion between Aarhus and Belfast

Kavadi ritual, where participants pierce their skin with needles and skewers and walk for hours carrying heavy bamboo structures called kavadi before climbing a mountain to offer these structures to the temple of Murugan.
Dimitris Xygalatas, Assistant Professor, Aarhus University, Department of Culture and Society, Center for Interacting Minds (IMC).

2013.07.29 | Research, Religionsvidenskab

Ritual suffering can increase prosociality

An international team of researchers led by Dimitris Xygalatas from Interacting Minds Centre at Aarhus University brought experimental methods into a field setting to investigate the effects of one of the world’s most extreme rituals. Although social scientists have long argued that such rituals may function to promote prosocial attitudes and…

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