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Joshua Cohen - New postdoc at the Department of Archealogy and Hertiage studies

Joshua will join CAS from 5 November where he will be part of the Heritage and the Anthropocene (HATA) project.

2018.10.24 | Camilla Dimke

Joshua Cohen was born and raised in London, England where he developed a deep personal and academic interest in anthropology. He later spent more than ten years living, researching and working in South Africa, and was awarded a PhD in Social Anthropology by the University of Cape Town in 2015. His research interests include human health and well-being as these relate to ecology, memory, and experience. He has a special interest in the (cosmo)politics of knowledge production and medicinal plants. In his role as postdoctoral researcher at AU, Joshua will be part of the Heritage and the Anthropocene (HATA) project, led by Professor Nick Shepherd.  His work with HATA will take him back to Cape Town where he will be looking at anthropogenic environmental change and human experience in the Table Mountain area.