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Lene Kühle new MSO professor at the School of Culture and Society

Lene Kühle has been awarded an MSO professorship with effect from 1 November. “MSO” stands for “with special responsibilities” in Danish.

2015.11.17 | Ulrik Albert Vosgerau

Lene Kühle has been awarded an MSO professorship in the study of religion. Her professorship will focus in particular on research into religious diversity. During the past 20 years religion has once again become the object of research in the humanities and social sciences. But it is also highly relevant in the public sphere in the media, politics, educational issues and legislation.
Religious diversity is often regarded as part of a general cultural and ethnic diversity. But sometimes it is also viewed as unique: not only something that should enjoy special protection (freedom of religion), but also something that should be kept out of politics (religion as a private issue). The legal system is a place where various understandings of religion meet, and where court rulings (for instance) can have wide-ranging consequences for people’s lives and the way in which religions are lived and changed.

Lene Kühle’s project explores the way in which religious diversity is understood and handled in the Danish legal system, and how legal rulings affect religious minorities in Denmark.

CV: Lene Kühle is 44 years old. She studied and gained her PhD at Aarhus University, where she has been an associate professor at the Department of the Study of Religion since 2008. Her research has focused on religious diversity and pluralism, and on religious minorities in Denmark including Muslims in particular.