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Nils Bubandt appointed Professor

Nils Bubandt has been appointed Professor in Anthropology at Aarhus University

2016.05.12 | Lea Kronborg Vestergaard

In connection with his professorship, Nils Bubandt is going to continue the interdisciplinary work in AURA (Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene).

  • I will work to continue the exciting interdisciplinary cooperation between anthropologists and biologists, which we are trying to construct in AURA in order to create a broader approach to the understanding of the Anthropocene – a time, where human activity has become a force of nature. AURA is a unique interdisciplinary collaboration, as it is methodologically founded rather than just thematically or theoretically. The collaboration builds upon the empirical curiosity to the World, which biologists and anthropologists share. It insists on the value of learning new and ground-breaking insights into the fundamentally social structure of life, which currently is emerging from the biology, as well as it insists on the value of humanistic critical reflection.


What will your contribution be in connection to that?

  • My own contribution is to connect my interests for witchcraft, spirits and politics with the study of ‘the politics of nature’ that characterize the World today. In the Anthropocene politics and nature, the rational and the irrational are bound together in completely new ways in the creation of the future. To understand these new connections require both humanistic core competencies and interdisciplinary innovation.


In addition to this, what do you work with?

  • I have some things set in motion, which are connected to AURA: an article about waste and red deer, another one about the magic of stones and a third about Portuguese wild men in the jungle in Indonesia. Furthermore, I am working on a book about corals, diver tourists and the revival of Jesus in the Anthropocene age. These days (together with Anna Tsing, Heather Swanson and Elaine Gan) I am putting the finishing touches on an anthology about the art living (and surviving) in the Anthropocene, which will soon be published by Island Press.  



Nils Bubandt was born on the east coast of Greenland, where his father was a radio officer, in the early 1960’s and raised on Funen. He took his university degree in both Aarhus and Australia, where he became PhD from The Australian National University. Until 2018 he is project leader at AURA. He is among other things the chief editor at Ethnos – one of the most recognized European scientific journals within anthropology.