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Nordics.info – a new website based at the School of Culture and Society/School of Communication and Culture.

2018.10.01 | Camilla Dimke

The aim of nordics.info is to disseminate reliable, interdisciplinary information on the Nordic region for a global and Nordic audience. It will go live in March 2019. The website’s initial funding is via the research consortium ‘Reimagining Norden in an Evolving World’ (ReNEW) organised by Aarhus University together with five other universities and funded by NordForsk. ReNEW is a joint programme for research, education and public engagement related to the Nordic region, its history, culture and politics. It is organised into six research clusters: (1) Nordic cooperation and region-building; (2) Democracy, governance and law; (3) Public policy, gender equality and labour markets; (4) Imagining Norden – Branding and Nordic reputation; (5) Multiculturalism and globalization; and, (6) Nordic culture and media.

Both nordics.info and the ReNEW project grew out of the growing global interest in the Nordic region and the need for more accessible, evidence-based material in the current debate. But, why is there so much interest in what people perceive as ‘Nordic’? And what does it actually mean to be ‘Nordic’? If you have a meaningful response to one of these questions, or if you are interested in writing for us on a relevant topic, then please get in touch. We hope to draw on experience and knowledge specifically from the danmarkshistorien.dk team, but also from the Institute (see above), as well as elsewhere at Aarhus University and academics and specialists further afield.

The website is being managed and edited by Nicola Witcombe, who has recently started at the School of Culture and Society. She comes directly from managing an academic journal for a Non-Governmental Organisation, and has an interdisciplinary background in English literature, and labour and immigration law. Her particular academic interests include the interplay between supranational systems and domestic parliaments and courts in immigration decision-making, and trade unionism and employee involvement in business and political models. Her other interests extend to a wide mix of literature, theatre, sport and culture.

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