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Cultural Dynamics (CUDYN)

Cultural Dynamics (CUDYN)
Between Historicity and Expressivity 


The special profile of Cultural Dynamics engages cultural studies from a distinct historical perspective, addressing concurrently breaks and continuity within the chronological pallet. Additionally, this involves interactions between the factual and the expressive significant to different epochs and localities.

The research modus of the Program envisions ‘culture’ as open and infinite systems of shared as well as disputed meanings, values and actions in constant involvement with societies. It is a prominent notion of the program to find factors of ‘dynamification’ within the interplay of cultural differences on the one hand and cultural mutuality and exchange on the other hand.

Cultural Dynamics denotes forms of processes through which new directions for societal change are charted and emerge.  This may include scenarios where existing directions are confirmed and maintained. Hence, Cultural Dynamics is the apt notion for developments resulting in changes of cultural particularity and/or totality.


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