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Afdeling for Antropologi

25.01.2017 | Antropologi

AUFF-bevilling til Guido Kreis

Guido Kreis er blevet bevilliget et AUFF Starting Grant på kr. 2.833.702 kr. til projektet ”The Impact of Critical Thinking and The Principles of Human Reasoning: Reassessing the Kantian Legacy”.

25.01.2017 | Antropologi

AUFF-bevillinger til Marie Louise Tørring

Marie Louise Tørring er blevet bevilliget et AUFF Starting Grant på kr. 750.000 kr. til projektet “Public Health at a Crossroads - PUSH.”

25.01.2017 | Antropologi

AUFF-bevillinger til Nina Holm Vohnsen

Nina Holm Vohnsen er blevet bevilliget et AUFF Starting Grant på kr. 1.550.095 kr. til projektet ”Basic Income. Rethinking Citizenship and Societal Participation.”

25.01.2017 | Antropologi

AUFF-bevillinger til Mikkel Rytter

Mikkel Rytter er blevet bevilliget 2.500.000 kr. til et projekt med titlen ”Articulating Life: Afghans in Denmark negotiating pasts /forming futures (ARTlife).”

17.01.2017 | Antropologi

Camilla Brændstrup Laursen - new PhD student at the Department of Anthropology

Camilla Brændstrup Laursen is enrolled as PhD at CAS from 1 February 2017

Noa Vaisman

13.01.2017 | Antropologi

Noa Vaisman – new Assistant Professor and AUFF Starting Grant recipient

Noa Vaisman has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology this summer and received an AUFF Starting Grant this fall for the project “What Comes After Justice? The aftermath of legal accountability in cases of crimes against humanity in Argentina, a cross-generational investigation”

16.12.2016 | Forskning, Antropologi

Jens Seeberg udnævnt til professor

Jens Seeberg er udnævnt til professor (MSO) i antropologi

27.09.2016 | Antropologi

Heather Swanson and Cameron Warner new AIAS Associates

On Monday 3 October, Cameron Warner and Heather Swanson from the Department of Anthropology will be introduced and welcomed to the AIAS fellows.

13.09.2016 | Antropologi

Emilie L. Mortensen - New PhD at the Department of Anthropology

Emilie Mortensen will be working on the project: Building Better Futures.

11.08.2016 | Antropologi, Arkæologi

AU Autumn Lecture 2016

Paige West, Prof. of Anthropology, Barnard College and Columbia University, will give a keynote within the theme of Environmental Humanities at this year's autumn lecture at Moesgaard, 2 September from 13-16. Click to see poster.

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