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New grant received for the research project: Returning Happiness to the People

Assistant Professor Daena Funahashi has received an AUFF Starting Grant to study health and politics in military-ruled Thailand.

03.02.2016 | Katrine Terkelsen

Assistant Professor Daena Funahashi will examine the unintended consequences of translating global health policy into different national institutional contexts through an ethnographic case study in Bangkok, Thailand. With a specific eye towards the adoption by the Thai military junta of the WHO’s promotion of health driven governance, she examines the role of health and positive knowledge in demonstrations of political power. In investigating this relationship between health, expertise, and political legitimacy, she links her project with larger issues concerning the shifting relationship between biology and politics. Following her fieldwork, she will host an international conference on this link. The AUFF Starting Grant (DKK 237.534) funds both the project and the conference.

The conference, “Rethinking Bios and Politics after Foucault,” will be held October 8-10 at Aarhus University with a keynote by Timothy Campbell and closing remarks by Ann Stoler.

Antropologi, Contemporary Ethnography