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Søren Rask Christensen - Research assistant at the Konfliktråd Impact Project (KIP)

Søren Rask Christensen joined CAS the Konfliktråd Impact Project (KIP) as a research assistant in May 2018.

27.06.2018 | Camilla Dimke

My name is Søren Rask Christensen and I will join the Konfliktråd Impact Project (KIP) as a research assistant from the 1st of May. I hold a BA in Anthropology (2015) and an MA in Human Security (2017). I have focused my studies on restorative justice processes and NGO interventions that seek to prevent crime and radicalisation. I am also a project coordinator and facilitator in the Danish Red Cross Youth’s ‘Street Mediation project’.     

KIP is a collaboration between AU’s Psychology and Anthropology departments, scholars from the Institute of Criminology at the University of Cambridge, and the Danish National Police.  As a randomized controlled trial (RCT), KIP seeks to establish the best practice for Danish victim-offender meetings in terms of victim wellbeing and offender recidivism by comparing the current Danish mediation practice, Konfliktråd, with an alternative approach, restorative justice conferences. While several RCTs have compared the effects of restorative justice versus no restorative justice, KIP will be the first RCT in the world that compares the effects of two different restorative justice models.

KIP will include both quantitative and qualitative data from seven Danish police districts, thus striving for the mixed-methods ideals of experimental ethnography. Amongst other tasks, I will assist the project through observations of victim-offender meetings and by conducting interviews with the involved parties.

I look very much forward to joining the Department of Anthropology and meeting all of you.