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Theories of Ethnicity and Nationalism: Historical and Contemporary Debates

Autumn Course 2018 at REMESO Graduate School, Linköping University, Sweden. For Swedish and International PhD and MA Students.

05.09.2018 | Jon Bendixen

12 November – 14 December. On-campus week in Norrköping, 26–30 November

Course Directors: Professor Peo Hansen and Professor Stefan Jonsson, REMESO

International Guest Lecturer: TBA

This course examines key ideas and concepts underlying both historical and contemporary thinking on ethnicity and nationalism, including questions of national and ethnic identification and mobilization as well as theories on multiculturalism. Drawing on contemporary, historical and comparative examples, the course engages with different understandings of ethnic solidarities, nationhood and citizenship. Students also explore more recent debates on supranationalism, cosmopolitanism, populism and the post-national. Much emphasis is put on the ways in which nation and ethnicity need to be re-thought and re-historicized when confronted with issues of coloniality, postcolonialty, gender and sexuality. Questions of methodology are highlighted, addressing in particular methodological nationalism, methodological Eurocentrism and other forms of tacit methodological assumptions that have influenced research. In this way, the course also aims to stimulate and enhance students’ ability to carry out empirical research.

Deadline for applications: 19 October

  • REMESO Graduate School courses are offered to PhD students and advanced MA students.
  • 5 weeks of full-time work for 7,5 ECTS. One intensive week at REMESO, Campus Norrköping.
  • Courses are usually examined by a paper assignment.

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