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Annual IMAGENU Workshop 1

Gulu, January 22-24, 2019

This workshop was the first of a series of events organised by the IMAGENU Project.

The project’s main focus lies on studying the changes in marriage patterns and interpersonal gender relations in northern and eastern Uganda and how these impact on child filiation, education, livelihoods and health.

This opening workshop therefore aimed to bring the researchers together to develop research ideas, methodology as well as plan the next steps for the next events.

The participants were:

  • Professor Lotte Meinert, PI in Denmark 
  • Julaina Obika, PI in Uganda
  • Stephen Langole, Director, IPSS
  • Professor George L. OPENJURU, Vice Chancellor, Gulu University
  • Hanne Overgård Mogensen
  • Professor Susan Reynolds Whyte
  • Professor Michael Whyte
  • Lioba Lenhart
  • Anna Baral, postdoc at AU
  • Nanna Schneidermann, postdoc at AU
  • Godfrey Opiro, project coordinator