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Annual IMAGENU Workshop 3: Gender

The 2021 annual research workshop was carried out online and onsite at Gulu University from 25-27 January 2021. The workshop was attended by all participating researchers and administrators of IMAGENU project from Aarhus and Gulu University.

The theme of this year’s workshop was GENDER and the researchers met to share findings, work on common methodologies and plan collaboration for publications and conferences. Due to COVID-19 this year’s workshop took place on zoom from Denmark and partly on site and online in Gulu.  

External participants included 3 keynotes international speakers: (Prof. Julia Pauli, Prof. Lyn Ossome and Prof. Shanti Parihk) that gave very interesting and inspiring addresses to IMAGENU researchers to shape their research work. The latter two keynote lectures can be streamed at the IMAGENU webpage. 

The workshop was officially opened by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic Affairs) of Gulu University. Also in attendance was the Director IPSS that actively participated in the annual workshop. Other external participants included researchers and staffs from BSU project that were also very active throughout the workshop.

It was a well organized and inspiring workshop both online and onsite despite of the zoom format. 

The program can be seen here