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Nanna Schneidermann

Nanna Schneidermann is assistant professor in Anthropology at Aarhus University, and she works with emergent urban sociality and media technologies in Africa. Her previous research has been on fame and economy in Uganda’s music industry and on m-health, motherhood and love in Cape Town, South Africa. Her project in IMAGENU takes wedding video production as an entry point into exploring changes in partnerships and imaginations of gendered futures in Gulu in Northern Uganda. 

This sub-project explores wedding videos as more than performances of conspicuous consumption and middle-class values: as sites of production and consumption of gender futures. Through ethnographic fieldwork based in wedding video studios in Gulu in northern Uganda, the project seeks to understand the negotiation of partnerships and gendered ideals in the production of wedding videos, by following collaborations between very different urban actors - those who marry and those to film them. Apart from disseminating research results in conferences papers and peer-reviewed publications, Nanna plans to becoming an apprentice of the wedding videographers and produce an ethnographic film about wedding videos and the aesthetics of romance in Gulu.