Education and Heritage in Multicultural Europe

CoHERE WP5 Workshop

2018.01.08 | Anja Elley

Date Fri 09 Mar
Time 09:30 17:30
Location Moesgaard Museum, Conference room 4240-301

CoHERE’s work package 5, Heritage, Education and Identities, aims to develop best practices in the production and transmission of European heritages and identities within the two sectors that face challenges in an age of immigration and globalization, namely education and cultural heritage production. This workshop will investigate how European identity is shaped through formal and informal learning situations both in and outside the classroom.

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CoHERE: Performing & representing identities in Europe.

The CoHERE project seeks to identify, understand and valorise European heritages, engaging with their socio-political and cultural significance and their potential for developing communitarian identities. The project is multidisciplinary, including museum, heritage and memory studies, cultural history, education, musicology, ethnology, political science, archaeology, ethnolinguistics and digital interaction design. The consortium comprises 12 partners over 9 countries, including universities, an SME, two museums and a cultural network. The research covers diverse European territories and realities comparatively and in depth.

CoHERE is funded through the European Union’s Horizon 2020.

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Workshop organizers:

Troels Myrup Kristensen, School of Culture and Society (

Vinnie Nørskov, School of Culture and Society and the Museum of Ancient Art (

Niels Bargfeldt, School of Culture and Society (    

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