Tracing the invisible house: Micro-archaeology at Unguja Ukuu

Lecture by Federica Sulas (UrbNet, Aarhus University)

2018.03.08 | Anja Elley

Date Tue 13 Mar
Time 12:00 13:00
Location Centre for Urban Network Evolutions (UrbNet) Aarhus University Moesgård Allé 20, DK-8270 Højbjerg Denmark Building 4230-232


Building on ongoing laboratory analyses, this seminar will discuss the potential and challenges of developing micro-archaeological approaches to household contexts based on current work at the early medieval site of Unguja Ukuu, Zanzibar. Systematic mapping of soil chemical concentrations has enabled tracing the layout of house deposits, and offered insights on how space may have been organised. Contextual micromorphology and phytolith analyses are now proving the high-resolution data on site formation processes, use of space and domestic activities. 



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