From the scanning of the earthly remains of Tycho Brahe to the analysis of Greek grammar, the school's research covers a wide range of fields.

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2012.09.05 | Conference, Research

Conference: Property and Citizenship in Developing Societies.

What rights and access to resources are held by whom? How are resources secured, and how are entitlements distributed? A conference arranged by Michael Eilenberg (AU) and Christian Lund (KU) aims to discuss the processes shaping life conditions and chances for millions of people in the poorer parts of the world.

2012.08.30 | Research

New interdisciplinary centre to generate fresh knowledge on human interaction

What happens when people interact with one another? When we work together or talk together, and when we understand or misunderstand each other? What mechanisms are involved? Each academic discipline has something to suggest, but together they can create new and greater knowledge by working across subject areas, theories and methods. This is the…

A very well-preserved iron axe with shaft, approx. 75 cm in length. Photo: Rikke Larsson Photo/Media Depatment Moesgaard Museum
The first skull from the 2012 dig with a mortal wound caused by a spear or an arrow. Photo: Field Director Ejvind Hertz, Skanderborg Museum

2012.08.14 | Research, Public/media

Macabre finds in the bog at Alken Enge

A fractured skull and a thighbone hacked in half. Finds of damaged human bones along with axes, spears, clubs and shields confirm that the bog at Alken Enge was the site of violent conflict.

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