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Introduction into Geospatial Concepts and Data

This lesson will provide an introduction to core geospatial data concepts. It is intended for learners who have no prior experience working with geospatial data, and as a pre-requisite for future course on R for raster and vector data.

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Thursday 21 March 2019,  at 09:00 - 12:00


1463 - 515

As part of the lesson we will also go over the basics of georeferencing historical maps and digitizing points of interest on top of it. This lesson covers the following topics:

  • Scoping your geospatial needs
  • Introduction to raster and vector data format and attributes
  • Examples of data types commonly stored in raster vs vector format
  • Introduction to coordinate reference systems and projections
  • Overview of commonly used programs and applications for working with geospatial data
  • Georeferencing and displaying of rasters
  • Digitisation and display of vector data

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