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Talk on the Link-Lives Project by Bárbara Revuelta-Eugercios.

Link-Lives will bring historical population data into play to an unprecedented extent as the project will facilitate access to historical records concerning the entire Danish population from 1787 to 1968. Come and join us for this exciting day. The talk will be held by Bárbara Revuelta-Eugercios, archivist and associate professor of history at the University of Copenhagen.

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Monday 23 September 2019,  at 12:00 - 14:00


1461-516, Jens Chr. Skovs Vej 5.


Center for Digital History Aarhus (CEDHAR)

Link Lives aggregates and links historical data to create a new knowledge space for the study of past Danish population. It combines known automatic probabilistic linkage methods, in which links have attributes, with the development of new deep learning techniques.

The project is a collaboration between the Danish National Archives, the University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen City Archives and the company Ancestry. Umeå, Tromsø, Edinburgh and Radboud universities are also contributing to the project. The project has received more than 33 million from the Innovation Fund and the Carlsberg Foundation.

The presentation is followed up by a short introduction to the rest of CEDHAR's autumn events. 

The arrangement will take place the 23rd of September, from 12-14:00, in building-room 1461-516. Registration is not needed.