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The Center for Philosophy and the Health Sciences (CPHS) provides an interdisciplinary platform that aims to support the consolidation and development of research at the intersection of philosophy, the health sciences, and health promotion. The work carried out at the center is focused on theoretical, ethical, and political issues that emerge in the context of health science and practice.

CPHS hosts a network of philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, medical doctors, and public health researchers who are firmly rooted in their respective scientific disciplines and recognize the value of collaboration across disciplines.

CHPS pursues collaboration, both nationally and internationally, with a number of research centers and health institutions. It has established productive relationships at Aarhus University (incl. Kulturinitiativers Sundhedsfremme), internationally (incl. The Durham-Johannesburg Centre for Philosophy of Epidemiology, Medicine, and Public Health), and is already associated with a number of leading international researchers.

CPHS supports teaching activities in higher education and public outreach. Core members carry out teaching activities at the Department of Biomedicine, Department of Public Health, School of Dentistry, and run a Master’s degree programme for health care professionals. Moreover, seeking to sustain engagement between academia, communities, and health authorities, core members also contribute to public debates, engage with health care and patient organizations, and offer advice for committees and boards concerning pertinent topics.

CPHS organizes guest lectures, workshops and seminars for both the scientific community and the general public. Researchers with suitable interests are encourages to join the network and to participate in center activities


  • 06. September, 2024. (14:15-16:00) 
    Anna Paldam Folker (Statens Institut for Folkesundhed, SDU)
    Well-being in public mental health and well-being economy"

  • 17. May, 2024. (14:15-15:30, loc. 1453-125)
    Renata Maria Santos Arruda (Federal University of Goiás, Brazil):
    “Epistemic Rights and the Problem of Overdiagnosis”
    Presented by the AUFF Project "Epistemic Injustice in Diagnosis"

  • 15. March, 2024. (14:15-15:30, loc. 1453-125)
    Saana Jukola & Bennet Francis (University of Twente)
    "On Conceptualizations of 'Alcohol Problem'"
    Presented by the AUFF Project "Epistemic Injustice in Diagnosis"

  • 9. February, 2024. (09.00-17:15, loc. Institute of Advanced Studies, Aarhus University)                                                                  Workshop: Philosophy of Medicine: New Approaches. Speakers: Edouard Machery (Pittsburgh), Rachel Cooper (Lancaster), Jacob Stegenga (Cambridge), Pascale Willemsen (Zurich), Kevin Reuter (Zurich), Dominic Murphy (Sydney)

  • 22. November, 2023. (15:15-17:00) 
    Mäel Lemoine (University of Bordeaux)
    Aging and the necessity of death"

  • 24. April, 2023. (14:15-16:00) 
    Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen)
    “Phenomenology of nursing: Current challenges” (online)

  • 21. April, 2023. (14:15-16:00, lok.1467-616) 
    Edouard Machery  (University of Pittsburgh)
    “The folk concept of disease"

  • 2. June, 2022. (14:15-16:00) 
    Maya J. Goldenberg (University of Guelph)
    Vaccine Hesitancy and Public 
    Mistrust in Science
  • 26. April, 2022. (15.15 – 17.00)
    Alex Broadbent, (Durham University)
    When not to decolonise medicine
  • 18. February, 2022. (15:15-17:00)
    Laurence Kirmayer (McGill University)
    Restoring the Missing Person in Personalized
    Medicine and Precision Psychiatry
  • 1. October, 2021 (15.15 – 17.00)
    Jacob Stegenga (University of Cambridge) &
    Tarum Menon (National Institute of
    Advanced Studies, Bengaluru) 
    “Sisyphean Science: Why Value Freedom Is Worth
  • 22. October, 2021 (15.15 – 17.00) 
    Miriam Solomon (Temple University)
    “On Pluralism in Psychiatry”