Welcome to the CLIOARCH collaboratory!

CLIOARCH stands for CLIOdynamic ARCHaeology: Computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/earliest Mesolithic archaeology and climate change. This project seeks to quantify and hence qualify human responses to rapidly changing climates, extreme environmental events, migration and adaptation in the so-called Final Palaeolithic and the earliest Mesolithic, the period between 15,000 and 11,000 years, in Europe. The project begins with a soul-searching investigation of relevant epistemologies and then deploys state-of-the-art computational techniques - all set within a cultural evolutionary framework - to understand the patterns and processes of human adaptation in this period. Finally and as a test of CLIOARCH's methods, we will also prospect for new stratified archaeological sites with evidence from this period.

You can always reach us at clioarch@cas.au.dk and follow us on Twitter @ERC_CLIOARCH.

People at CLIOARCH

CLIOARCH post-doctoral affiliates

Andreu Arinyo i Prats

Postdoc School of Culture and Society - Department of Archeology and Heritage Studies

Maciej Tomasz Sykut

Postdoc School of Culture and Society - Department of Archeology and Heritage Studies

Isobel Wisher

Postdoc School of Communication and Culture - Cognitive Science

CLIOARCH post-doctoral affiliates (external)

Dr. Sheina Lew-Levy

Post-doc (Canadian Social Sciene and Humanities Research Council), 2019-2021

Email: sheinalewlevy@cas.au.dk

Dr. Thomas Hess

Post-doc (Swiss National Science Foundation), 2019-2020

Email: thomas.hess@uni-tuebingen.de

CLIOARCH PhD affiliates

CLIOARCH student assistants

Henriette E. W. P. R. Freitag

Undergraduate student assistant

Email: 201805751@post.au.dk

Frederik Mygdam

Graduate student assistant

Email: 202005333@post.au.dk

Johanne Toth Mouritzen

Undergraduate student assistant

Email: 201605337@post.au.dk

Laila Rehmeier Laulund

Graduate student assistant

Email: LS91208@post.au.dk

CLIOARCH visitors

Inga Fauth

ERASMUS intern (Hildesheim University, Germany), Oct 2021-Dec 2021

Email: hansman@uni-hildesheim.de

Kalliroi 'Iro' Tsirintoulaki

ERASMUS intern (Leiden University, Netherlands), Sept 2020-March 2021

Email: k.tsirintoulaki@umail.leidenuniv.nl

Brea McCauley

Visiting PhD student (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Feb-April 2020

Email: bmccaule@sfu.ca 

Website: https://www.sfu.ca/archaeology/graduate/grad_students/mcCauley.html

Colin D. Wren

Visiting Professor (University of Colorado, Colorado Springs), Sept-Nov 2022

Email: cwren@uccs.edu

Website: https://anthropology.uccs.edu/colin-wren

Maria Barrera Cruz

Visiting Ph.D. student (University of Valencia, Spain), Sept-Dec 2022

Email: maria.barrera@uv.es

Website: https://www.uv.es/uvweb/universidad/es/ficha-persona-1285950309813.html?p2=bacruzma&idA=true

Renata Pedroso de Araújo

Visiting Ph.D. student (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Sept-Dec 2022

Email: rennyaraujo@yahoo.com

Website: https://bv.fapesp.br/en/pesquisador/96545/renata-pedroso-de-araujo

CLIOARCH publications

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