Sounds of War

Sounds of War is an audio magazine about sound, memory, and war. In this podcast we share our thoughts, insights, and processes working with the project SoundTrak - a transnational and trans-disciplinary research project exploring the sonic memories of World War II in Taiwan, East Germany, and Denmark.

Episode 1: Lovesongs at War

In this podcast episode we talk about two famous love songs: one from China and one from Germany. And we will talk about the role of recorded music in the development of collective memories and about love songs as propaganda tools and sites of personal and political memories. 
We focus on the specifics of war memory through song and sound and on the role of censorship from the wartime period and into the present.

Episode 2: From Military Songs to Occupation Sounds

In this podcast episode, we hear how war and war memories are expressed through auditory media. We share two stories across different countries: Japanese military songs in Taiwan and occupation sounds in Denmark. Our first speaker, Chung Ai, shows us how Japanese military songs reflect Taiwan's diverse - and somewhat conflicting - war memories. Next, Sigrid Saabye outlines what the German occupation of Denmark during WW2 sounds like in the nonfiction programmes of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.