Department of
Philosophy and History of Ideas


Both Philosophy and the History of Ideas are concerned with the thoughts and ideas that have marked the Western world from antiquity to the present day. The focus of Philosophy is primarily on a systematic perspective that seeks to identify the bases for our various practices and concepts. The focus of the History of Ideas is primarily on a historical perspective that aims at revealing our intellectual heritage. We can thus say that Philosophy is concerned with the validity of our various concepts whereas the History of Ideas is more concerned with which concepts have been – and in some cases still are – considered valid.

In this respect, both Philosophy and the History of Ideas are interdisciplinary in their focus, but while the History of Ideas explores the relations between many different fields and disciplines, it is characteristic of Philosophy that it addresses the fundamental questions that precede any division into fields and disciplines.

Research environment

The academic environment in Philosophy and the History of Ideas at Aarhus University is the largest of its type in Denmark and – especially because of the productive tension between the systematic and historical perspectives – the research conducted is characterised by an undogmatic and open-minded worldview. The researchers are thus involved in a variety of interdisciplinary projects both within and outside the Faculty of Arts.

Degree programmes

Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes as well as a number of electives are offered in both Philosophy and the History of Ideas.

Academic staff

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Andersen, Camilla Julie
Andersen, CasperAssociate, 224
Andersen, Lise MarieAssistant, 321
Andersen, SandyPhD, 422
Bek-Thomsen, JakobAssociate, 624
Bernild, Ole
Bjerring, Jens Christian KrarupAssistant, 621
Bové, Hanne MørkenborgPhD
Bratset, Katja MartePart-time
Brock, SteenAssociate, 523
Busch, JacobAssociate, 423
Christensen, Jonas, 523
Christensen, Martin EjsingPart-time
Christiansen, Christian O.Associate, 525
Clausen, Jette Aaroe
Cockburn, Patrick JosephResearch
Dige, MortenAssociate, 525
Donskov, JakobStudent Teacher
Dyring, RasmusAssistant, 526
Erdølek, DamlaStudent Teacher
Eriksen,, 530
Fabian, LouiseAssociate, 628
Gundersen, Lars BoAssociate, 615
Hansen, Bue Rü
Hansen, Christina Herold
Holm, Andreas BeckAssociate, 625
Husted, JørgenAssociate, 623
Højrup, Thomas
Høyner, Søren ToftStudent
Jensen, Anders Funch Brøbech
Jensen, Uffe, 430
Jeppesen, Morten HaugaardAssociate, 626
Jørgensen, DortheProfessor with Special, 623
Kjeldsen, Anette Schouv
Kjerkegaard, Lasse BorgStudent Teacher
Kreis, GuidoAssociate, 624
Kristensen, Jacob Bo, 420
Kristensen, Jette Thuesen
Larsen, Christian Oluf Verdoner
Lassen, Aske Juul
Laursen, Henning HøghTeaching Assistant, 524
Lyngseth, ØyvindPhD, 523
Marschall, Peter DamgaardAssistant
Morsing, OleAssociate, 625
Munk, KarenAssociate, 418
Nielsen, Freja DygStudent Teacher
Nørskov, MarcoAssociate, 619
Olesen, Anne MarieResearch, 628
Praëm, Sara, 519
Raffnsøe-Møller, MortenAssociate, 522
Rahbek, Anne
Rasmussen, Anders MoeAssociate, 526
Rodogno, RaffaeleAssociate professor, research programme, 521
Schanz, Hans-Jø, 618
Seibt, JohannaProfessor with Special, 626
Sholl, JonathanAssistant, 428
Skewes, Joshua CharlesAssociate
Steglich-Petersen, AsbjørnAssociate, 524
Sørensen, Peter AaboeTeaching Assistant, 620
Thisted, JensPart-time, 425
Thorup, MikkelProfessor with Special, 622
Weinreich, Elvi
Wentzer, Thomas SchwarzAssociate, 630


2018.02.08 | Research, Filosofi og Idéhistorie, Arts

A new role for the humanities: envisioning robots in society

Robots are now included in more and more contexts of our everyday life. This development is welcomed by industry and policy-makers alike. But what will it mean for us, as individuals and societies? This is the central focus of the international research conference “Robophilosophy 2018/TRANSOR 2018”.

2016.09.13 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Jonathan Sholl - New Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

As of 1 August we welcome Jonathan Sholl as a new member of staff at CAS, Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

2016.09.13 | Filosofi og Idéhistorie

Jens Christian Bjerring - "New"Assistant Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of ideas

We are happy to announce that Jens Christian Bjerring has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at CAS as of 1 August.


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